WordPress CMS (Content Management System)
WordPress CMS – is a widely used application for development of websites and blogs. You do have to become familiar with it’s core, and there are many facets to it. We can we can do it for you, or tutor you. Give us a shout and let us know what you need.

WordPress also has some great security features plugins. For regular hackers and brute force attacks. Many standard HTML sites are hacked, but you just don’t know it about it until it’s too late.

You cannot use the WordPress.org website if you have a business that transacts money. They can shut you down. You must have your own domain and hosting, and then setup WordPress. It is in your best interest to have your own domain and hosting considering people find it difficult to remember anything after the / of a website since there are millions of them on the WP site. These days, you can’t tell if it’s WordPress unless you look into the source code. You do that by right clicking on a website, then it should say something like – view source code. The code will let you know what type of resource they are using. WordPress, Dreamweaver, Joomla…etc.

This site has also been created with it, and we love it. We know you will too. It has many free themes you can use if you are adventurous enough to learn how to use it. If you need a tutor, we can help you there as well.

WordPress will change a link site-wide automatically. It also updates when you just press publish, so there is no need to FTP (file transfer protocol). Note: There may be separate logins from your hosting provider. The one that logs you into your administrative account, the one that has your banking information, and possibly another that will allow you to login to control panel. WordPress allows you to alter the css (cascading style sheets) and give you the look you desire for your business or blog. CSS Styles the pages.

You deserve time to do what you like to do, and since this is what I like to do, it’s a win-win situation.

We built this site with the Divi Theme By Elegant Themes (Affiliate Disclosure)

WordPress has become a great tool for all of us that like to design sites. Since we are using the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes, it is a great tool for beginners, but once again, there is a learning curve to it, and you can customize this theme or any of the other ET’s with CSS. I think that is the hardest hurdle for most people to overcome. They know what they want, but trying to get there is another story.

We have also added the plugin Divi Booster (Affiliate Disclosure) because sometimes you need the extra “boost”, and Divi Booster gives you more control without searching for days how to do that one little thing that is just driving you crazy.

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