Web Design – What We Will Need

Q. – What kind of images or graphics do you need?

A. – The best! Today, you can’t have a so-so quality image for your web design and expect anyone to buy anything period! You need high quality images. You need large images because we can always scale them down, but they become very pixelated (choppy) when you try to blow them up to a larger size. When you blow an image up, it looks like square boxes rather than a great picture.

There are sites out there that offer great savings yet retain the quality your site needs. We have a solid resource that we use, just click on our image to the left.

Q. – How Many Pages Do I Need? 

A. – If you are just a local company with local customers, you can have just a 5 – 8 page site you should be o.k., but 8 is preferable. If you are a national company, you have to try a lot harder to beat your competition. It’s not a must, but it helps you with SE visibility to have 10 pages or more. We know you want your site to rank high. The only way to do it to have as much content as possible. If you are fresh to market, meaning you are the only person or company that has this widget, you have what is called “First Mover Advantage”. That’s a great term don’t you think? Then you can build on what you are bringing to market, but don’t wait to long. The competition is fierce and they will soon copy you.

 We had to go to Wrigley Field when the Cubs won. This image to the right is from the 2016 Cubs Championship! There wasn’t a piece of wall left to write on, so we had to write on the sidewalk on Waveland, but we didn’t care. We lived to see it.

I just loved the way the wall looked from this angle, so I had to grab a pic of it.

Q. – How much text do I need on each page?

A. – The search engines prefer as much text as possible. I have done sites that have few words, and guess what? They don’t rank very well because they will always move a site up in term of rank, that has more content, so that is something to keep in mind. If we look at it objectively, when you look for information, do you want to see a paragraph that is very vague or would you prefer to have a solid document that is about 8.5 x 11. The search engines feel the same way. 

Another item we should address about search engines is when you look to see where your page lands on the search engines, someone else might see completely different results. Why is that? Glad you asked. This happens because Google and the other engines, have hundreds or thousands of servers> On one server you may rank 5th, on another 35, and still another 148th. You can read more about search engines here

Q. – How many links do I need?

A. – You need links. But not any links. You need inbound links meaning, websites linking to your website. Google says it is best to have higher ranking sites that link into you. Sometimes, this can be difficult to do. How do you get these links? Look at your competitions links. You can go and find “How many links do I have to my site”. Then type in their domain name. It will show you how many links your competition has, and who the websites are. Keep in mind, they may own that website too. I have seen that happen a lot. Your competition may have thousands of links, and they may own 20 websites all linking together. So if you have the resources, hire someone to do this as their main job. I have seen companies that have entire teams just finding places to link to.

Should you choose ad words? Possibly. Be mindful of the cost. It can get very expensive, so be aware of that.

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