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SnowBlowerSkids.Com   (old website is on top)

Getting to know Bob.

Bob is such a great guy, and he’s a programmer. He had a website that he could not change. He could not change images, or text. He could add a page, it was a nightmare for him. The had editable content in some areas, but most were not editable.

I had worked with his sister Rita Sayre on a local area not-for-profit website (and later on her own website Green House Tutoring), that is how he had my information. He called me up and told me his problem with the site. I took a look at it, and I had a few problems with it as well. We eventually managed to get it so he could change everything and save everything to boot.

SnowBlowerSkids.Com and ARMORskids® he manufactures skids or shoes for your snowblower. His season was coming up so he had to get a few things done RIGHT NOW! Fortunately, I was able to help and his season was the best he had had.

At this point, Bob wanted a better look and feel to his site.

He liked the look of his old site at first, but thought it just wasn’t professional enough. There were three columns. The first column took up 1/2 the page, and the remaining two were 1/4 each. It was o.k. but I understood what he meant. It just wasn’t as clear as he wanted.


We talked and talked. Finally I mocked up a couple of designs, we liked both of them, but one had a really nice feel and a clean look. I told him, I liked this one the best, and he agreed. So in June or July of 2015 we will upload his new website. I was built with WordPress, so he could go in and edit the text as needed, upload images, and he has full control!


His site looks great. He loves the clean uncluttered look and feel of it. So do I.


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