Patty’s Party Trays (old site on top)

Getting To Know Pat.

Pat is such a wonderful woman. She is an entertainer, and a local caterer in the Chicago area who specializes in Authentic Southern Italian Cuisine.

Define the Problem(s)

Her old site was created with the GoDaddy Website Tonight program.

She knew she needed a fresh design. The program got the point across, but there were parts of it where the links we different colors, or the backgrounds were pixelated, a text scroll bar in the banner section, etc. Patty being an excellent cook, and not a website designer, had help from a colleague who was a graphic designer, but not a website designer, so the fastest approach for them was to use the automated tool. Plug in your text and there it is.

Well, another issue we ran across was Patty’s site was barely existent on the search results. In fact, it was so far down we couldn’t find it. So that was an area we had to work on. The SEO aspect. She had her domain name since 2011 and the site as well.


In a catering business, you must razzle-dazzle the taste buds. Therefore, images are one of the most important components of your website, for your clients to really see your food, and have a mouth-watering experience before they even taste it. Fortunately, Patty has a great photographer as well, that makes her food really stand out on a page.

Pat had almost everything ready for us. She was great. She still had a few pictures to get, but she managed to get them within a week! That doesn’t happen often when designing sites. She was right on top of it.

We created sliders for the top of each page. Some have multiple sliders if she had the images.

We also added a mailing list to her website.

We went to work on her Facebook social media page, and created her social media fan page. That really helps when she is doing shows. Everyone knows where to find her.


Pat was very happy with her new site.

I went to work on her site and it wasn’t long before we started to see results on the Search Engines. The client loved it, her clients love it, and soon she was showing up in the search engines.



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