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Getting To Know Ziggy.

Ziggy is an entrepreneur in the Chicago area. He has multiple businesses, but this one is his bread and butter.

He does not serve private individuals, but companies or land owners that have residential buildings or offices. He only cleans common areas such as hallways, grounds, move-in & move out. So that was important to know. His services are not a maid type of service.

Define the Problem(s)

He didn’t have a website. At that point he was focusing on word of mouth, and different ads. Phone book, online advertising, etc.


Basically, get him a good looking site that he liked and his customers would automatically know what type of services he offers. Get him ranking in terms of keywords and keyphrases, so he could be found in the search engines.


Ziggy is very happy with his site.

In the first week, we watched his site climb further up and up the index. He can be found for several different keywords, a strategy we put in place for him. His business started to increase within three weeks. He has a variety of new clients because of his site. We are very happy for him.


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