Getting To Know Nancy.

I had met Nancy in Batavia, Illinois. We were both at a government function. We hit it off immediately. She has a great sense of humor, and can put you at ease pretty quick. She is not afraid to speak her mind either.

Turns out Nancy’s husband had been fatally injured in a small plane accident. Oh, I felt so bad for her. She has 3 boys to take care of, although most were in there late teens.

 Define the Problem(s)

Nancy didn’t have a website, so we started looking at what she might need in terms of a local website. Therefore, getting her company online was essential. We did it within two weeks.


Basically, get her a great looking site that reflected her.  I had her ranking in terms of keywords and keyphrases, so Google would get a hold of it, and she would be the go to local area company.


Nancy could not believe how good she looked online. Gone are the 90’s when we were all trying to figure it out.




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