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Our website design process is built in co-operation with you and your team, ensuring your desired outcome has been met.

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Programming Chicago has been developing websites since 2000. We are based in the Chicago, IL area. We are passionate about beautiful design, structured to your unique and particular specifications. The value of your website in the marketplace is front and center. We strive to make you stand head and shoulders above your competition. Let us create a standard HTML5 site or a WordPress website for you. There are advantages to both. Let us walk you through it. Call or e-mail today!

Above is a website created for Patty’s Party Trays. She has professional images for her website, and that really pulls your eye to her products. Even if you can’t afford a photographer, you can still find great images for your site. Go to our What We Need page to find out more.

Below is a site I did for Rodriguez Dance Theatre. When we create your web design, we can also create/kick off your social media if needed. Your success is our success. We treat each client as though they are our only client. It shows in our customer service which is second to none. Let’s get you up and running.

Chicago Website Design with RDT
Chicago Web Design with RDT

Once your website has been built, naturally you will begin to focus on search engines. Your search engine position will rely on you to continually add new content. You can add pages or posts to a blog. If your content is fresh with new ideas, people will begin to share it. This will allow you to move up the index. Your marketing person can direct this, if they have not already begun the process. Moving up the index is always a priority for every business. It’s not as easy as it once was, but with time and effort, you should be able to.

We have the best city in the world!

Below is a site I created for Rita Sayre. President of Green House Tutoring in Downers Grove, Illinois. Professional photo’s make the difference. You wouldn’t send out marketing material that looked unprofessional, so be sure to use the same quality images to your website.


Q – “I don’t even know where to start when it comes to creating a website. So where do I start if I try to do it myself?”

A – Always start with the front page. This is the most important page your site will be judged on. People want an easy experience when dealing with websites. Don’t over complicate anything and make sure you have great images.

Q – “How much does a website cost?”

A – It all depends. How many pages do you need (1 page does not make for a good website at all), but if you are looking for a nice website that has the bells and whistles, that is at least 6 pages, it will cost upwards of $2,500.00

Q –  “Can you build a small company website that looks like another website?” We can, however, we want you to stand out in the crowd of online competition, so we will analyze the site you like, find out what you do like about it and what you don’t, and try to create a fantastic web design for you, that everyone will be impressed with.

Q – “Are you really in the Chicago area, or will we get someone from a different country designing our site?

A – I am in the Chicago area. I will come to you and we can meet up for a quick bite to eat or coffee and go over some of your thoughts. I will design your html site or WordPress site myself right here at my desk, and we can discuss changes as we build it together.

Q – “Do I need a website, I have Facebook?”

A – The simple answer is if you are trying to expand, yes. If you know your local business is only in your local community, let’s say 3 miles in circumference, then Facebook might be just a better alternative to you. Now let’s take a local dog boarding company as an example. They are a brick and mortar business, and Facebook works pretty well for them. They do want to expand their market to the surrounding suburbs, and a circumference of a 30 mile radius, people do a search for local company as “dog border close to me” is the search term. So as of now, you can’t really find that on Facebook. But, you can on Google. So if you are this business, it would make sense to build a website. If you are a small business that sells nationwide, and perhaps globally, you do need a website. 

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